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Monday, August 08, 2005

End of representation marketing

During these late summer doldrums in Chicago I have been taking a pretty heavy marketing focus. As a relatively new sole practitioner (launched April 4, 2005) I'm in the midst of an important transition from my initial client group which were mainly client's from my last firm job to the current and future group of pure The Olson Law Firm, LLC clients. I am focused on this question:

Other than a quality result on the substance of the legal representation, what are the most effective ways to generate return business from former clients and also to generate new client referrals from those former clients?

This is what I'm currently doing in the way of end of representation marketing:

1. Close file letter which includes an overview of the various services our firm provides and also includes an overt request for referrals.

2. Two or more business cards enclosed.

3. Twenty-five dollar Target gift card enclosed.

4. Survey to gauge client perception of our legal services.

Some other ideas I'm planning are some sort of discount coupon for return clients, magnets or pens or key chains to keep our name out there, and a better firm presentation perhaps just a nice glossy pamphlet or biographical card. Ideas?


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