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Monday, August 01, 2005

How to office?

My law firm is dealing with a bit of uncertainty which just came about recently. We have been and currently are officed in a lawyer suite at 120 S. State Street. However, very recently the floor's owner (and also a practicing attorney) has decided to join a larger law firm after many years as a sole practitioner and he is also actively trying to rent out the floor and/or sell it. A small part of me is frustrated because we really haven't been at this location too long and just the thought of physically moving is not too appealing. However, on a positive note the pending change has really engaged my thinking as to how a small law firm should be officed and organized. I have been looking at very traditional office options via classified ads in the Law Bulletin. I like the idea of a lawyer suite for a bit of camaraderie. What is proving even more intriguing are these "new" executive suite concepts. We are considering My Office Suite. The set-up seems appealing on a number of levels but notably because it offers you multiple office locations as part of your lease. We could have an "main" office in Chicago but then they also have the same set-up in Oak Brook Terrace and Schaumbug where we can use an office or various conference rooms free of charge. This is appealing as a person whose life is really very suburban focused but likes having access to the Chicago legal community. They also provide the onsite pool of clerical support (granted you pay for it) which seems potentially helpful to a small firm with limited support staff. We haven't made a final decision but we do want to get settled by September 1 or October 1.


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