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Monday, October 31, 2005

New office...back to blogging

Okay so we only moved some eight blocks but it's a factor and it slowed down our blogging to a crawl. We are now officially moved into the executive suite at 125 South Wacker Drive...two or three observations:

First, there's an additional 30 minutes of time in my day for legal work since we're so much closer to the Metra stations now.

Second, I'm beginning to be able to take clerical work off my plate to a greater and greater degree. Part of the executive suite is ready access to clerical staff. So faxing, dictation and full phone services are now supporting our office more effectively.

Third, the additional offices are beginning to pay off already. We've already had two new client meetings in Schaumburg. It's a very convenient location just off of I-90 at Roselle Road. My mindset from day one in starting this firm has been to at least look BIG even if we are relatively small for starters. Have three nice office locations throughout the Chicago Area definately adds to our appearing BIG!


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