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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Car repair service and my law firm

One of the best repeating customer service experiences that I have is with my car dealer and car repair center (same place). I won't name names, but it's located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. And I mention this because I really don't like it when I need to buy a car or have repairs done. I am not a car person at all! And that's what is amazing. Despite my feelings about cars, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the service I get and my family has not purchased a car anywhere other than this place in 30 years.

What's their trick? What can I apply to my business? Here's what I appreciate:

1. Respectfully classy. Referring to me as "Mr. Olson." Being gracious.

2. Thorough diagnostic check everytime. They look at everything. And sometimes they find things other than what I came in for. I can do a better job of this as a lawyer. We shouldn't let client's define what they're coming in for when the "law" is our expertise. I'm not saying to sell crap that people don't need, but show your concern and broad expertise.

3. Great hours. They're open 630am to 1130pm on weekdays. Are you offering night hours to clients? Weekends?

4. Geographical convenience. This place is right by the train station and I can drop the car off and go right downtown. How 'bout your office? We have three offices in Chicago, Oakbrook Terrace and Schaumburg so I feel pretty good about this issue. What about house calls? Do you do them? Why not...especially with the elderly.

5. Car wash after every service. Just a nice touch...classy. What can your law firm do? Some small but meaningful give-a-way? Gift card? Dinner?

6. Personal deals. This car dealer always slashes prices for me. Granted, it's partly because of a personal relationship with the manager of the place. But it feels good. Why not give things away to clients? Especially repeat clients or referral sources. Free closing? POA? Will?

I mention the above because I am absolutely loyal to this company as I mention above. But maybe even more important is price is just not a factor. Now if things got ridiculous I suppose it could become one. But in this area that I really don't like and am not knowledgeable in, I'm going to pay for the great service and trust that this company has earned.

Shouldn't my law firm aspire to this same standard?


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Peter said...

Nice blog pictures moral. Yeah it's great having the car dealerships open late.


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