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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lawyer & litigant unfriendly

Question to Chicago family law attorneys, is there a less lawyer and litigant friendly environment than 32 W. Randolph when the opposing party is pro se and yet is (not represented) by the IL Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services (IDHFS) regarding the child support portion of the case?

I was over there yesterday bringing a very simple motion to set aside a default order entered against a client within 30 days of entry. But of course you're first sent to one of the hearing officers which wastes maybe an hour of your time. Then your file gets sent over to a courtroom (by which time the judge is now off the bench). Even more annoying are these cases where IDHFS are not representing people but of course they're drafting the orders and such so we don't get any contact information on the opposing litigant before the initial court date.

End result we get a whole pleading schedule on a simple motion to set aside a default Order that was entered previously without notice to our client. Fighting that court system and also the bureaucracy of IDHFS in dealing with support payments is miserable!


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