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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some "rainmaking" tips for ya!

Got my weekly e-zine from How to make it rain.com...a couple real usable tidbits:

Be A Problem Solver

One of the best Rainmakers I know, a man who has sold literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of legal services in his career calls this philosophy for selling legal services "Problem Solving Selling". He even carries around a baseball glove to remind himself that ". . . when I'm sitting with a prospective client, my job is to focus on what they are saying so that I can catch the problems that person is struggling with, and help them find relief." What could possibly be more professional and ethical than helping people with important problems, to find solutions to those problems?

The Test

I told you I'd give you a test you can use to apply and see if anything you're doing or considering doing (and paying for) qualifies as Rainmaking:

1. Does it seek to help your prospective client solve their problem or maximize their opportunity?
2. Is there a call to action, or is it just "image building" ?
3. Is there a logical "next step"?

I especically like the baseball mit analogy of "catching problems!!"


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