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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Total Customer Experience

Saw a free conference call here put on by Cisco Systems with this title...it got me thinking. My law firm is very deficient in this area. Is yours?

I think it's somewhat of a mindset change and/or a management issue. We as lawyers are very much tailored toward finding solutions to "legal" problems. It's an important part of what we do. However, if you are at a smaller firm or in a managing type position at a large firm, isn't this "Total Customer/Client Experience" idea vital too?

Everyone knows that when you buy a product/service, it's not only about the end product or service, right? I can play one round of golf at a great course with no starter, no range balls, no free balls in the cart, no water on the course, ect. versus the place with the friendly starter, free range balls, bottles of water and free balls...it's a huge difference in experience.

Unless you're one of these elite trial lawyers where every case is win/lose for all the marbles, I think a lot of what we do the result might be similar with another lawyer. But, what about the Total Customer Experience? I think right now it's mostly a staffing issue for us.

Take a real estate closing, most lawyers will eventually get a deal closed. But it's a major difference if you can give great and thorough information up front, your staff can expediently manage times/dates and just hold the clients' hand, there's great lawyer repoirte at the closing, and post-closing rather than just sending a title policy and a deed you can provide serious legal advice about a myriad of real estate options going forward.

How's your total client experience??


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