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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Law school: where's the ROI?

Here's a piece from today's Daily Herald regarding young prosecutors and law school debt problems. Boy some of those debt amounts are mind-boggling. I thought my $40k in debt was bad. The gist of the piece is simply the difficulty in doing public sector work when law school debt is what it is. I didn't know about the fact that public defenders were unioned whereas state's attorneys were not...hmmm.

Broader discussion, why has there been such an increase in education costs (college and graduate) over say the last 20-30 years? How is it justified? It's significantly out-strapped inflation or wage increases over that time.

As we near another election day, question, why do we hear ZERO discussion about substantive education issues or health care affordibility?? I battle the law school debt issue too and as a small firm lawyer, health costs are a battle. Why aren't issues of substance dealt with in the public square? Maybe it's time to throw my hat into the ring...


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