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Friday, July 20, 2007

Practicing in an unfamiliar jurisdiction...

I'm going to criticize myself about the "dumb" mistakes you can make when you practice in a new county. I handled a simple child support termination case in Lake County...I very rarely appear up there (though that may change as we've started to get more and more referrals up there). So long story short on Monday I had an order entered terminating this father's child support obligation. Post court we forward the order to the father's employer to stop the withholding and they don't like the wording included in the order and won't stop the child support withholding. At one level this was just an annoying and persnickety employer. That said, I corrected the issue today in court and I did find out that Lake County has a specific form order to terminate child support.

No big harm other than some time wasted but watch out...it could be much worse. At least make a phone call or communicate briefly before appearing in a new jurisdiction...you'll save yourself some time!


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