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Monday, August 27, 2007

Get clients at the courthouse

I landed another client while in court the other day. This has happened enough now that I think it's blog-worthy. This particular situation was I was standing in line at the Cook County Circuit Clerk's office filing some things, ect. and this pro-se landlord was lamenting his frustrations as he attempted to do his evictions by himself. Well, I gave him a card and we've discussed representation going forward...he has a nice little portfolio of rental properties.

This might be the third new "court" client. We work in some areas (evictions and domestic relations come readily to mind) where many people have lawyers but then many people are pro se. Quite frequently you'll be in the courtroom and observe a pro se client not knowing what he or she is doing and becoming ever more frustrated. Oftentimes these sorts of people will ask me about their case or just something basic about a pleading or filing. These can often be perfect opportunities to give out your card or make your verbal pitch about how you can help the person.

What I don't recommend is taking a new client on the spot...I've seen people do this and it's usually a nightmare. You just don't have enough time to do your due diligence.


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