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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Introverts: Start Writing

The above was the title of an interesting news piece here. I think the concept is very applicable for lawyers...essentially the issue is how should introverts sell themselves.

Some of it is a mindset change and some of it should be a change in perspective. At some level us introverts (I lean this way...although I do enjoy public speaking, I have some hermit tendencies) need to know that when we're "bragging" to someone quite often the recipient is saying/thinking, "boy that's useful information that I'm glad I now have."

Also play to your strengths:

If you’re like most introverts, you’re much better at communicating via the written word rather than orally. So when you want to make your accomplishments known to your colleagues and/or supervisor(s), play to your strength and use the written word, be it by an e-mail message or a formal written letter.

You’ll have all the time you need to put together your thoughts, and in most cases the words you ultimately choose will be much more compelling and persuasive than they will be if you talk person to person. Moreover, you’ll be better able to control your emotions by using the written word, and you’ll take nerves and hesitancy out of the equation.


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