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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Hesitate: Get the Agreed Order entered...

Well, this was a recent bad experience that I had. Really I had to do what I did but maybe I "push" the client a bit more the next time we have this scenario...

The case was some post-divorce stuff...Petition for Rule (unpaid school/medical), 513 College Expense Petition and a Motion to Modify Child Support. There was not going to be agreement on some issues but there appeared to be agreement on reimbursement for the unpaid 50% of the school/medical. So we'd started a hearing, then had a pretrial with the judge in chambers and it's 415pm on the 19th floor at Daley. We have an agreement essentially so that my client gets paid approx. 5k. Then my client raises an issues, no change in dollars have you, just shifting part of the orthodontia payment TO THE DOCTOR and less to her.

Long story short, the judge leaves at 430pm and we agreed to have the order entered the next morning and lo and behold. The next day the opposing party backs out! So nothing gets resolved and likely thousands of dollars of additional fees will get expended.


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