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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The "secondary" meaning of Plagerism...

Alright this is a bit off topic but it's too funny to ignore and indeed very lawyerly and tangentially related to me personally. So, the President of SIU, former Congressman Glen Poshard, has been getting heat for not properly attributing parts of his PHD dissertation. I think the conclusion has been reached that the Board of Trustees is going to allow him to remain as President he'll just have to revise the dissertation. Nonetheless, he's still been taking some heat, particularly from the SIU faculty.

Here's a Letter to the Editor published in the Trib. by my first year torts professor Patrick J. Kelley in support of Poshard. Kelley's a great guy and very bright. That said, who but a law school professor would base his argument on the "secondary" mean of plagiarism. Go Pat Go!


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