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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Marketing + Cost Cutting = Solo Success?

Well, at least that's what the Juris 2007 Law Firm Economic Survey by LexisNexis seems to say. Chuck Newton agrees.

So going to a home office is the easiest way to cut a big chunk of costs. Other attorney expenses are generally fairly minimal: malpractice insurance, "group" memberships, and minimal general office expenses. Take it from me, signing that office lease is dumb by itself and then knowing that you have to earn more income often causes further dumb decisions/investments as you flail away, attempting to bring in new business just so you can pay that rent.

I think the "marketing mindset" can be difficult to develop in a lot of analytical thinkers (often lawyers). All of the retailers know that marketing rules. Just open your ears and eyes...marketing is everywhere. And yet I think lawyers often have the mindset of deep down I want and respect competence above all else. I don't want the slick salesman. Maybe the answer is a mindset change...shift your thinking from selling to helping solve problems. Isn't that what clients want...a lawyer who is looking out for their needs and making the full breadth of their services known.

Clients must know of your competence.


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