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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Personal Marketing Plan for '08

My weekly e-mail from John Remsen included a pitch to create a personal marketing plan. There's a pdf with some "workbook" materials to really help yourself establish clear goals with follow-thru. These were a couple good points:

How Much Time Should You Invest?

Of course, implementing your plan is the key to success….and it takes time. Non-billable time. I
recommend that Partners invest 200 hours a year, and 100 hours a year for Associates. It’s critical you do a little bit every day. Fifteen minutes here. A half-hour there. Effective marketing and business development is not a “start-stop” process. It’s like an exercise regimen…results come with consistency over time.

What Types of Things Should You Do?

Partners should visit top clients at the clients’ places of business each year. (Refer to my previous Marketing Tip about Client Site Visits.) Associates should focus first on honing their legal skills and“credentialing” activities. For all attorneys, lunch once a week with a client, prospective client or referral source is a good habit. Joining and being actively involved in a well-chosen organization is another good thing to do. (Refer to my previous Marketing Tip about Individual Marketing Plans.) Article writing and speech giving are good activities, as well.


At 11:44 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

This works very well for me and it does not take a lot of time.

1. I visit bar meetings and other events where referrals sources might be. I just hand out. Introductions seem to happen naturally. I collect information politely (mainly phone, mailing address, email address and fax number).

2. I send thank you emails after we meet.

3. I have a very cheap fold over mailout that I do on my own computer every 4 to 7 weeks. Just a tidbit of news they might read. Just to keep me top of the mind. I keep the names an addresses on Microsoft mail merge SQL. Very simple. Takes me a hour of so to do this.

4. I keep the email addresses updated and send out an email newsletter every one to two weeks. Not long and containing a recent case or recovery or something. I do it using Constant Contact. Again, takes me about an hour.

5. Once a month or so, I send out a one page fax alert or newsletter detailing some news in my practice area they need to know. I keep it short. I use EFax for fax broadcasting. Again, it takes about an hour.

6. In court I make the rounds.

7. I use Basecamp so that someone who has referred is notified of everything that happens in a case. This costs $50.00 per month.

8. I occasionally take an attorney to lunch, but not often.


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