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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Solo/Small Firm Media Bias

Saw this nice overview today of our old friend Carolyn Elefant. And it's an inspiring story and very much part of the solo practice and blogging lore on the 'Net by now.

What I don't like is the author's bias and what seem to be attempts to diminish and downgrade solo practice...

"There's no name on the door to Carolyn Elefant's K Street office in Washington, D.C. In the waiting room, a chubby man slouches on a black leather armchair, dozing..."

"some may shy away from its less-than-glamorous trappings

"Some of the nitty-gritty might spoil the daydreams of dissatisfied big-firm lawyers..."

I'm a frequent consumer of the legal media myself and it's true. Pick-up any of the large metropolitan area daily or weekly lawyer papers/magazines and it's big firm focused. Who's the biggest? Who represented x large corp. in their $99 billion dollar merger? What firms are offering $175k starting salaries. It's all there...frankly I've gotten my share of coverage but still...

So there, we've uncovered another media bias here today.


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