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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Agreed Orders: A Problem

So we all have Agreed Orders entered every so often...maybe more than anything, right? All the parties agree so one of the lawyers gets an AO entered. Well, I've had a couple situations recently where I've had and seen clients agree to have an Agreed Order entered regarding an issue or issues (in a few of these situations the clients were even there in court as the AO was entered) and then get upset about something days or months later and be upset that the AO got entered.

Well, this lawyer's going to start requiring his client's to actually sign all AOs that get entered if they relate to any substantive issue(s). On sort of a pure continuance I think I can live without this, but I'm tired of people changing their minds and then blaming their lawyer. Granted I have the e-mails and the notes of phone conversations but I'm going to start having a signed AO too.


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