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Friday, April 04, 2008

Legal "Nuggets" in the Windy City

A bunch of news stories in the Chicago papers today applicable to our little legal world...

R. Eugen Pincham dies. A nice overview of the noted Chicago criminal defense lawyer. My only personal experience with him relates to continuing legal education seminars. That guy was a huge draw!! If you spoke opposite him your meeting attendance was going to take a big hit.

It's for the birds. A Prospect Heights couple was ordered to stop feeding birds in their yard or face a $500 per day fine. Well, we all use the civil justice system for different reasons now don't we. One of the Defendants raising the specter of the cold war:

"I was born in communist Russia, and in Russia, there was no freedom to pray . . . but not the birds. We could feed the birds," said Halina Rogulski, 73, a Polish immigrant who came to the United States after spending three years as a child in a German labor camp during World War II."

Cook Public Defender may be fired. Looks like filing suit against one's boss isn't the best plan of attack.


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