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Friday, April 04, 2008

Should You Ever Lower Fees?

They had this discussion over at The Anti 9-to-5 blog, not specific to the legal context but I think the discussion is useful nonetheless.

I don't have a problem cutting fees on occasion. Unless your practice is absolutely capped, I say do whatever it takes to bring in the new business...trading $0 for $100+ an hour is a good trade.

Two thoughts...

First, if you can effectively tap into the under-lawyered sort of working class/poor I say go for it. That's a huge population segment that I think believes that they can't afford a lawyer. Help them pay you!

Second, there's one scenario where we often "lower" fees. It's in the landlord/condo forcible entry and detainer area. For some high volume landlords and associations we cap our fees on evictions whereas we would charge a higher fee if Jane Doe off the street just wants us to do 1 eviction.


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