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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sunday Chicago Tribune Magazine Article on Lawyers

Here's the link...the piece attempts to paint a picture regarding the economic disparity that exists in the legal profession. It's worth a read since the Tribune is the paper of record here but other than that not a great effort.

It does hit on some of issues we've been writing about for three years in this space like the cost of law school and the over-population of lawyers. Yet the "foil" in the article (and I say that with no disrespect) is a Cook County State's Attorney making $59k per year. There are many, many lawyers struggling far more than to the tune of $59k per year...like a first year ASA for example.

I have lunch with a person-a-month who I've met through the blog usually struggling to find A JOB and considering solo practice. Here's a previous post on the subject with a link to the September '07 article in the WSJ about the state of the legal job market...it's more on point.


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