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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You're Released Immediately (Which Means 12 Hours Later)

Just so everyone can better educate their clients, if necessary, let me share my experience getting a prisoner out of Cook County Jail yesterday. This is the case I've written about previously. So we were in court yesterday morning and the judge "released" her immediately. That's the gist of the court's order...Respondent shall be released from the Cook County Department of Corrections immediately. This was say 1030am at the Daley Center downtown. Well my client actually got released from the Cook County Jail (26th & California) at 11pm. The client had been held over the weekend so she had some stuff down at the jail so I do understand that it was necessary for her to go back to jail first and then get released. But 12 HOURS...brutal. Just wanted everyone to know the meaning of "immediately" in this context.


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