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Friday, October 17, 2008

How to "Connect"

Well, Clinton '92 taught me it was all about the two-handed handshake and the level of intimacy was dictated by the location of the non-shaking hand...ya know is it just cupping the hand or does it go up on a person's shoulder. And then Dale Carnegie essentially takes the position that the key is being interested in others. I think Dale's a genius but sometimes those touchy feely types like "The Clinton."

Here's a piece I saw over at Law.com
. Nothing too original though the handshake and business kissing analysis is funny...

The following handshakes send the wrong message:

The vise grip: A tight squeeze that crunches the knuckles implies someone who might actually pull punches, if things get tough.

The wet fish: Moist or not, grasping a hand that is weak or flimsy leaves an impression of a pushover, an individual with no backbone.

The fingertip shake: Grasping only the fingers of a hand suggests the person is too timid or weak to hold the whole hand.

The two-handed: A two-handed shake can signify real warmth and affection, or it can be interpreted as a power play...

• Women should not leave any lipstick on the recipient.

• A greeting kiss should be an air kiss or a light brush of the cheek.

• A business kiss should never be on the lips.

• A kiss should be bestowed only on people with whom you are well acquainted.

• Women may kiss men or women. Men may kiss women, and depending on the culture, men may kiss men.


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