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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lawyer = Professional Writer

I just finished up another version of our firm's quarterly client newsletter and it got me dwelling on the absolute necessity of good writing skills by lawyers. I learn a tremendous amount when drafting our newsletter writing an overview article, answering client questions, and then analyzing several cases within our practice areas. If I weren't writing a lot I wouldn't be reading 10 cases in full for a proper understanding...I'd just be skimming my ISBA eClips and moving on. That's better than nothing but it's shallow and I don't remember what I've skimmed.

Remember, a lawyer is a professional writer! I know in reading many of the letters and pleadings that cross my desk that many lawyer's don't take a lot of time sharpening up their pens so to speak but that's a big mistake. I don't care if you're a transactional lawyer or trial lawyer the fact is that your writing skills define you as a lawyer. Plus, marketing to your client base is the most important marketing you must do so why not benefit from that marketing, even before those new clients start calling.


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