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Friday, October 10, 2008

Lock Up the Lawyers!

I strolled off the elevator on the 30th Floor at Daley this morning around 945am and there were some television cameras interviewing what appeared to be a young, female attorney. I asked around a bit and was told a Jewish, female attorney skipped a court appearance yesterday and therefore a Judge held her in contempt and apparently she was detained this morning. Of course yesterday was Yom Kippur and many Jewish attorneys may have not been in court. The courtrooms were amazingly empty yesterday.

I guess it's not only clients we have to worry about!


At 6:28 PM, Blogger park forest 49 said...

It is amazing to me that we could insult the Jewish people and this attorney by trying to force her to court on the holiest Jewish Holiday. This Judge needs to go back to school and learn a little more about other religions.

I do not work on my holidays and my children never attended school on them either - forcing me to argue with ignorant teachers every year who were trying the scare my daughters that they would fail if they missed a test scheduled on a Jewish Holiday. I had to fight this every year of their Junior High and High School years and I find it disgusting. I am very proud of this attorney for holding fast to her heritage and religion.


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