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Monday, October 06, 2008

Tribune Commentary on Judicial Elections

Saw this interesting commentary in Sunday's Trib. by Roy Hofer, former CBA President, entitled 'A judge-to-be beat our flawed selection system.' It outlines the case of Attorney Kristyna Colleen Ryan who apparently won a Chicago Democratic primary and is unopposed in the general so thus will be sitting on a bench in Cook County soon.

Nothing too new in the piece, our elected Judiciary may fairly be open to ridicule and the retention elections are pretty much of a joke. But what's wrong with a 36-year-old lawyer on the bench?? I'm under 36 and not to be too immodest but I bet I could do a fine job.

But according to Hofer Ms. Ryan is "unqualified" and used "schemes" to win and her seemingly serious effort to serve on the bench is a mere "ruse." God forbid she didn't kiss the bar association rings through the screening process.

How much do ya bet he's an O'Bama supporter in the Presidential election? But he's plenty experienced to be President.


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