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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Six Habits of Highly Respectful Physicians, er ah, Attorneys

Saw this in the Times regarding so-called "etiquette based medicine." The author recommended six steps for physicians to use at an initial patient meeting...I think the steps could be helpful for an initial attorney-client meeting:

• Ask permission to enter the room; wait for an answer.

--Hopefully we can skip this step. I hope your clients aren't changing into a white gown in your office. If so, you may want to glance at the Rules for Professional Conduct.

• Introduce yourself; show your ID badge.

--Absolutely, first names surely create intimacy and warmth.

• Shake hands.

• Sit down. Smile if appropriate.

• Explain your role on the health care team.

--Explain how your firm works. Explain the process of the legal matter in question. Too often clients get surprised and have unrealistic expectations...and then they don't pay your bills.

• Ask how the patient feels about being in the hospital.

--I'm hoping coming to see me isn't as bad as having your tonsils taken out but in reality some legal issues we deal with are fairly life shattering and dealing with emotions is part of the package.


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