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Monday, November 28, 2005

Culver's customer service

My wife and I drove home from the upper-peninsula of Michigan yesterday having spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my inlaws. Driving back to Chicago we stopped at Culver's Frozen Custard in Manitowoc, Wisconsin for dinner (for any of you non-Midwesterners Culver's is a sort of fast food restaurant founded in Wisconsin which has expanded into MN and IL and nationwide...very good butterburgers and desserts). The food was good but what stands out to me is the customer service. An attentive, smiling employee is at your service immediately when you enter the restaurant. There are an abundance of willing and able employees. Further the food is taken to your table by number rather than waiting at the counter. Okay, it's just sort of fast food, but I so appreciate simple customer service where my needs are met and these places/people just make you feel good! Our law firm should have the same impact!


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