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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Holiday business (and pleasure)...

The last couple of days have been a great mix of typical attorney work bolstered by various holiday and bar related events. It really magnifies to me my continued effort to transition to business owner from former worker bee.

The events the last half week included a nice Chicago Bar presentation by a gentleman who recently started a practice and attracted a nice crowd of like-minded people such as myself, a Winona State University holiday gala at Harry Carey's (my undgergraduate alma mater), my induction into the Des Plaines Rotary Club, the Illinois Bar annual meeting and the Southern Illinois University School holiday gala as part of the annual meeting.

I met a ton of new contacts both attorneys and non-attorneys alike. I have another 10 plus attorneys now who I can exchange ideas with and mutually help one another with coverage and stuff. And I have a bunch of new non-attorney friends...potential business partners all.

My moral of the story: I need to just get myself out there more and more. I've always been pretty social but to me the key transition is getting out of that workaholic bury myself in work frame of mind because as a business owner, I need to build relationships FIRST!!


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