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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Contract Work

Very informative posting at Myshingle.com regarding contract work by new solo attorneys and attorneys in general. It's worth a read.

I tried to solicit contract work when I started my practice and I have not had success. Because Jay Foonberg in his book, How to Start and Build a Law Practice, also promotes contract work. These are the things I did and did NOT have success with:

  • Mass mailing to attorneys;
  • Paid advertising as a "coverage attorney" in Northwest Suburban Bar and Lake County Bar newsletters;

Sort of on the other side of the coin, I used a contract attorney for the first time recently when I had a conflict and needed to have someone defend a deposition for me. In calling around to some of the persons that had advertisements I was amazed at some of the low rates. I fully suspect that I will begin to use more and more contract attorneys for coverage of my cases when it's non-substantive stuff and simply when I can use my time more productively.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Carolyn Elefant said...

I have had great luck using Craig's List to find extremely capable people for contract work projects. Many solos shy away from hiring contract attorneys because they don't think they can afford it - and wind up working long hours or sitting on files and getting complaints from clients. I know a solo who wouldn't even hire someone to file papers at the court; he did it himself (even if he had to go out of his way). That's just poor use of time.


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