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Friday, June 30, 2006

A nugget on collections

A nugget from Trey Ryder's, Lawyer Marketing Alert:

A READER WRITES In response to last week’s article about collecting receivables, Lisa Derr offers this suggestion:

I have a suggestion for collection. Every month on the bottom of every single bill, the attorney in our firm writes a short note on each bill to the client. This may include a reminder for when we are next meeting, what we’re waiting for, or if the bill has not been paid a reminder to pay. We do not bill for these notes. It is a great way to force each attorney to review each case once a month and see if something was missed so that nothing falls through the cracks. In addition, the client is used to seeing our handwritten comments as positive communication about the case. In difficult cases, we may finally say in that note that if they do not send payment by "X" date that we will be forced to send to collections, etc. but it is rare for us to get to that point and our receivables are overall extremely low.

Lisa Derr Derr, Doyle & Villarreal, LLC
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


At 2:31 PM, Blogger RJon@HowToMakeItRain.com said...


A/R can have a devastating effect on the profitability of a small law firm. The average solo has nearly $8,000 of a/r out on the street past 90 days. Not only are you paying interest on this money, but it actually stands in the way of you getting more business from some of the clients who owe it to you.


Every solo has at his or her disposal TWO powerful tools to help you make a/r problems into a thing of the past. And at the end of this comment I'll tell you where you can find a FREE resource to help you get your current a/r problems under control.

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If you're still not sure exactly how to conduct an effective client intake procedure, the next time you're stuck in traffic in your car, you can listen to a recording of very successful live seminar I conducted in which I explain EXACTLY what steps to follow & even provided a sample client intake form that thousands of lawyers have used & whose comments & feeback helped me to improve it even more. The program is called Turning Your Clients Into Gold


If you already have a/r problems, I would highly recommend you take a look on my website for a free sample client status letter that's posted and send me an e-mail requesting a set of instructions with the 5 steps we've developed for how use it.


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