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Friday, July 07, 2006

Illinois' Pro Bono Reporting Rule

Well, we're back after a pleasant 4th of July in Eagle River, WI. I know this isn't too new, but how does everyone feel about the new pro bono reporting rule (here)? New Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756(f) requires lawyers to report pro bono legal service they've provided in the past year.

Is this inevitably leading to some sort of mandatory pro bono hours requirement? Thoughts?

My initial reaction is that it hurts the small firms. I would speculate that those of us who are doing some billing, overseeing administrative employees plus practicing law have rather full plates. I suspect the large firm partner will just put it off on an associate or do some firm-wide project and take care of it for the year.

It seems to me that the Supreme Court is living in the past. As I see it, the "practice" (business) of law is becoming ever more competitive and business oriented...just as an issue of the general marketplace. Yet the Court is tying our hands with bureaucracy.


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