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Friday, August 11, 2006

Biglaw's 'culture of fear'?

Here's a good piece from Law.com's Small Firm Business. Here's a good quote:

However, we also live in a culture of fear. Fear we won't meet our student loans, fear we won't be able to pay our living expenses, fear we won't have clients, fear we won't know what we are doing, fear of not having a steady paycheck and health insurance and so on. And then there is fear of what others will think if we try to go out there and make a go of it. We absorb all that fear to our detriment. And in turn, we sell ourselves to anyone who will hire us rather than trust ourselves. We sell out because of fear and, usually, too cheaply. I say, "No deal."

Remember, 74% of U.S. lawyers are in firms with four lawyers or less. Small firm life is the typical lawyers' life...even when you are in Chicago's Loop!


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