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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lawyers' MBA-in-a-day

Look beyond the stupid title at this seminar put on by the Chicago Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association. If you're at all like our firm, it sure seems like we're too often haphazard law practice rather than lean, mean, legal services BUSINESS!

Where's the JD-in-a-day program for wannabe lawyers?


At 12:54 PM, Blogger RJon@HowToMakeItRain.com said...

What's the BUSINESS of a law firm?

I've posed this question to more than 6,000 lawyers. So far, I've only gotten 14 correct answers.

RHETORICAL QUESTION: What would you advise one of your clients who wanted you to draft a contract for them to invest in a business that had no marketing plan, no financial projections, no budget, no operations manual & whose chief marketing officer never took a class - or took it upon him/herself to learn anything about marketing in his or her life?

The real shame of it is that law schools know or should know that the vast majority of their graduates (like more than 60%)will end up as solos or practicing in small firms with five or fewer attorneys. And yet still today only a handful of law schools bother to prepare their graduates for the practical realities of marketing and managing a law firm business. BEING A GREAT LAWYER DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS I wish that were printed on the back of every J.D. diploma!

By the way, click hereto find out the correct answer to the question above.


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