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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What's your mindset?

There's a short biographical post here from Lawcrossing.com regarding Attorney Warren Brown's journey from D.C. practicing attorney to bakery/retaurant entrepreneur. My wife (and me) to a degree are Food Network junkies and Warren now has a program called Sugar Rush that's pretty good. We've been to his bakery/restaurant in D.C.; pricey but good.

As an aside, Lawcrossing is a pretty good resource for attorney jobs, industry news and unique lawyer profiles...I have no affiliation with them but do get their weekly mailing called Lawcrossing newswire...but I digress...

But my moral of the story above about Warren is this, I think even beyond lawyering, it's about your whole mindset changing and becoming entrepreneurial when you go solo or become an independent practitioner as The Greatest American Lawyer calls it. Don't get me wrong, I had a high degree of personal pride in the legal work I was doing when employed by law firms previously, this can't be compromised.

However, now that I'm in business on my own I'm very aggressively pursuing other business opportunities too:

  • How can we make money blogging?
  • Is a side real estate brokerage/investment/management company the better way to "play" the real estate industry versus mere legal fees?
  • Should our law firm LLC buy an office to get some appreciation of real estate?
  • Are there conference/publishing opportunities out there?

Surely some "employees" have the entrepreneurial bug too; but I do think it's a lot easier to "settle" when you're getting that paycheck every two weeks. Going solo/independent is very much about not settling and opening up opportunities!


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