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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Legal management resource...

I saw this on one of the list serves that I frequent:

Legal Management Resource

A product of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), the Legal Management Resource Center (LMRC) is a knowledge management portal for professionals in the legal administration field. Visitors can locate articles, white papers, and other resources arranged by topic, such as “Facilities & Operations Management,” “Law Firm Marketing,” and “Technology & Information Systems.” The portal offers a section called “Online Tools,” which is a collection of useful sites that provide information on travel, news, stock market quotations, and other business-related miscellanea. The LMRC has also produced a collection of forms and checklists that are specific to the management of law firms and corporate or government legal departments. Like many portals, the LMRC links to pages and sites outside the ALA’s domain, but doesn’t indicate when these pages of links were last verified, placing this burden on the visitor. The site is searchable and ALA-produced materials are available in PDF and Microsoft Word. Some linked articles and reports are only available for purchase.


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