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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Trib. article about lawyer blogging

I don't think there's any news here but today's Trib. did write about the ramifications of lawyer blogging. One never knows where our Supreme Court may take us. Let's avoid the Kentucky model though please.


At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mix of opinion and profession can bring together the far corners of both sides. "Ethics" is a safe guard used against the small percentage of those pushing the limits. Unfortunatily, focusing on this blurs the line.

Until recently, most legal bloggers generally stayed between each other, now the general public is involved or simply put the scope of blogging is expanding.

We find those making the "rules" on these committees are the elders (over 40)who resist change and basically see a potential out-of-control situation. "Control" the opt-in word here.

By pains-taking efforts educating on the benefits of blogging for the Solo/SMB firms, we address an issue that is common, finding new customers. Regardless of the industry there is and always will be those that cross the line. But we must not forget this is a business, blogging is a tool.

If we focus on the benefits with proper inherent respect for the profession, we can move forward. Blogging creates the "equalizer" between Solo's and "Large" firms, guess who is on the committees?

Lack of understanding creates fear. First reaction, create rules, total disregard too the full ramifications, eliminating fear.


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