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Monday, January 22, 2007

What's in a name?

How should you name your Firm?

Law.com had an interesting piece on the issue here. As you might notice, many of the larger firms are going to shorter names. The piece mentioned a CA firm that's just going by "O." Sort of like Prince and just going by a symbol hah.

What should drive law firm naming? The article seems to focus on being easy to remember. Further discussion was had about a larger marketing strategy including Website and logo issues. The piece suggests that smaller firms are slowest to change. I've never liked the super long names with tons of partner names listed.

I actually spent a good bit of time thinking about this issue prior to our launch in '05. What I wanted to do was create the appearance of competency and largesse while remaining ethical. In other words to "look big" even if we weren't big yet. I'd wanted to call us The Olson Law Group, Ltd. Upon review of the Rules of Professional Responsibility I dropped this name believing that using "Group" would potentially mislead clients because when we started we were just 1 no Group. Search engine rankings are very important these days too I suppose.


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