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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Olson Law Firm, LLC version 2.0

Just a little teaser for what I hope to be some useful and thought-provoking upcoming musings. I've decided to make the Grant Griffiths and Chuck Newton jump to being a home office laywer. It's going to be be a progressive transition over 2ish months or so. Bottomline, 1-2 in-person meetings per month with clients isn't worth some $1,300 in rent. If I didn't tell you (and if you are or want to be) a client of our law firm you won't notice a thing. We'll still use our same landlord (http://myofficesuite.com/), just now strictly pay hourly rates as necessary when meetings and presentations are necessary.

Also, I'm really looking at this occassion as sort of a fresh start to re-analyze everything that our Firm is doing. I'm in the process of writing sort of a 2-year retrospective on "hanging out our shingle" for one of the bar association publications but hope to post bit-by-bit drafts here. I'm sort of re-engergized. Quite honestly over the last handful of months my wife and I had given some serious though to re-locating and possible career changes but for now it's not going to happen...Solo In Chicago I shall remain. So let's see if we can't take this Firm from Good to Great!


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