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Friday, August 03, 2007

Are you taking advantage of all of your networks?

I bet you're not. I've always been pretty well networked...I'm social, right? And I do love the story about Bill Clinton collecting names in a shoebox for years...but I digress.

But are you doing everything you can to promote yourself through this age of great and active Internet networks? Yes on some level I'm talking MySpace and Facebook. Do you have your page? Just got mine both up and running a week ago.

Beyond that though I'm talking about how the Internet is being used by such things as innocuous as your college and high school Alma maters. My high school, college, and law school now all have Internet-based networks where I can look up fellow graduates and their profiles. Might someone, sometime need a lawyer in Chicago? I know I look through these listings sometimes when I need an out-of-area referral. Make sure your profile is updated.

The Alliance Defense Fund, Rotary International, and even my landlord also provide similar set-ups for listing profiles/practice areas, ect. Those are some of my obvious ones. I've updated my profile in all these sectors so that I'm "open for business." Are there other associations you might be a passive member of but they might have extensive online member profiles/postings?

Not too many years ago the only contact you might have with these large national and international social networks might have been for these people to be on your Christmas card list. Today you can be socializing with folks and generating potential business everyday through your Internet networks.


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