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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Client relation tip:

Saw this bit of billing advice on a listserve I'm on...thought I'd pass it on:

As an in house counsel, here are my recommendations also:

1. When you get the 1st piece of business from a new client:

-do a good job, on time and for a reasonable price. I recommend that you cut a few hours from the 1st piece of business because the new client will be comparing you to their existing attorney, both quality and cost. Hopefully, you should not have to cut hours after the first few pieces of business.

- Don't try to bill for every second. If your firm allows it, show the reduction on the bill (REDUCED ON REVIEW). It shows the client that you care.

- Your work (and cost) on the 1st piece of business are all that the new client will consider when deciding to hire you again. Do a good job, and at a reasonable price.


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