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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Making a home-based business work...

The eight things you need to make a home-based business work:

Professional website for your business Don't skimp on something that has so much potential to help your business succeed!

Computer High functionality is available for lower prices than ever.

High-Speed Internet More than half of American households now have broadband Internet access-to make the most of your time and your online resources, get fast!

Cell phone To stay tuned in and on top of your business, consider a "smart" phone that has multiple functions, like calendar, email, contacts, etc.

Professional-looking logo Your brand is your first impression and will either turn on or turn off the interest of your customers. Make sure you pay special attention to this.

Top notch business cards Shaking hands and making connections is a critically important activity for you as you build your business-even if it's a home business. So be sure to get your business cards printed up and always have them on hand.

A network of other smart business owners You're going to need people to turn to for advice and camaraderie-especially when you feel isolated from the business community because you're based out of the extra bedroom! This network must be cultivated with a dedicated effort.

A passion for what you do The magical ingredient for all entrepreneurs is PASSION! That unwavering commitment and obsession with taking your business dreams to new heights is a fundamental resource. Your passion will help you survive the hard times, and will fuel the adrenaline rush in the great times.

Question, does anyone have thoughts/examples on logos for lawyers? I go round and round on this one myself. Not many small firms have them. Who has an effective logo other than the scales of justice??


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