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Monday, October 08, 2007

Wine trails, artists, and lawyers...

So this past weekend I was down in Southern Illinois for a number of reasons but primarily a 5-year reunion from law school. Why only four people from my class showed up I don't know (I still think way too many people think WHAT you know is more important than WHO you know...I disagree)...but I digress. Another thing we did down there was do some wine tastings at the various wineries on the Shawnee Hills wine trail. These are nine wineries that do a lot of shared events and shared marketing. My personal favorite is the Pomona Winery; I brought home a case of the Orchard Spice. While I'm on Midwest travel the Blue Coast Artists (Michigan) are another good example of this concept.

Why don't more solo/small firm lawyers do this? Like Red Mountain.

I think it's the foolish concept of individual self-reliance and sort of the great trial lawyer (singular) making some great strategic move to save the day. Isn't this singularity almost part of the "lawyer mystique"? It's stupid and bad business is what it is. All the great business leaders say decentralize and push everything you can down the chain. Anyone else doing anything innovative by staying small but playing big?


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