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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Legal resumes and the Chicago area job market

A couple thoughts on job searches and the tightness of the Chicago area attorney market...

First, so our firm has had a job posted for the last few weeks just looking for some general assistance and court coverage. It's amazing how many resumes that I've been sent for a part time job...nearing 100. Just a thought on resumes, I find that way too many of them are too narrowly "legal" focused. A person's life doesn't start with law school and summer associate positions. I want to know about undergraduate majors and previous work positions...this gives me a much broader picture of an individual and his/her talents. And even hobby stuff...I think at some level people are more attracted to others where they share things in common. Talk to me about your love of triathlons and Richard Nixon!

Second, I just continue to be amazed at the calls and e-mails about new graduates struggling to find work. I've had 4 lunches in the last week with persons in this category. I don't have a silver bullet but I thought this was an informative post.


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