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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are you a Bad Boss??

12 questions from the National Federation of Independent Business to help you decide:

1. Have you ever berated an employee in public?
2. Have you ever taken credit for something an employee did?
3. Are your employees afraid of you?
4. Are you a "no excuses allowed" type?
5. Do you expect employees to "know" or to "do" without telling them?
6. Do you yell or shout at employees?
7. Have you ever tried to belittle or humiliate an employee as punishment?
8. Do you "lean on" or make it more difficult for someone who has displeased you?
9. Do you play favorites?
10. Do you constantly check everyone's work for quality?
11. Are you reluctant to let employees make decisions?
12. Do you expect employees to do what you ask without question?


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