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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cook's "Filing" Problem

Just to add to my personal experience to what's been reported here and here about the Cook County Circuit Clerk's antiquated filing system, I was up in Daley 802 reviewing an old dissolution of marriage file a couple days back and lo-and-behold a big bunch of pleadings from a different case were in this case file. Who's to say whether or not a big bunch of pleadings from the case I was interested in were elsewhere??

A couple things I don't think have been covered in previous articles on this subject:

First, even with Cook's antiquated paper-filing system, paper-filing may lack some convenience in terms of Internet document viewing but it could still be an accurate and effective system. However, the bigger problem isn't "paper," the problem is documents are lost (regardless of format)!

Second, lets be honest about causation, like most of Cook County government, we have non-competitive, one-party government. There's no incentive to change.


At 8:29 AM, Blogger David said...

I see things have not changed. I worked in the Daley Center ~10 years ago, and we always used to joke that the court files in 802 had a 100% error rate; i.e., not one file did not have a missing document or a document in the wrong file. That is why my judge demanded courtesy copies of everything and kept a separate internal file of every case on the docket. A great example of your 10.25%++ hard at work.


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