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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cook Domestic Relations Court Appointments - Update

Just a little update on the above as we've previously written about here. After several months of scant court appointments I was appointed to 5 clients last week. These aren't going to be huge $$ cases but I'd expect nearly $1,000 each...it adds up. Why the uptick? Oh, slowing economy has more people behind in child support with contempt of court looming.

On a related point, I seriously think someone or a lawyers assistant should just stand outside 32 W. Randolph or Daley Center handing out advertisements and information forms about how to modify child support when an obligor's income goes down. The media and our Governor love to take about these horrible "deadbeat dads" but how 'bout the people who legitimately have income drops and don't know how to modify child support and next thing you know you're $50k in the hole and you're financially destroyed for life.


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