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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another LegalMatch Comment

Don't mean to pile on poor old LegalMatch. I've written about our firms experience with them in the past. But I did see another comment pop-up about another firms experience with them so I thought I'd post it:

LegalMatch is a nightmare. Sure, you eventually earn more than you pay, but not without significant pain. We responded to over 550 family law cases in a year and secured a whopping 10 clients. Oh yes...pre-screening....thanks LegalMatch. Pity the fool that tries to weed through the mess. Unfortunately, it's a numbers game. You have to respond to everything until you make your fee back. Great site for seeking pro bono work though. We get 5 times the referrals for no out of pocket cost (albeit a discount on fees) through Consolidated Legal Services and those clients are working and don't have the issues with funds that the majority of LegalMatch clients do.

I continue this conversation not to beat a dead horse but frankly because I still see consistent questions from lawyers on list serves about LegalMatch and I continue to get lawyer questions on the subject.


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