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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Name Change, Change

So as you can tell I had a little fun at the old courthouse Friday. Among my pleasures was filing a new Name Change case. I'd just had one of these finished up in February so I thought I knew the procedures so you can imagine my surprise when I went to file the new case in the Chancery Division and was told, Name Change cases are now within the County Division. No sweat I suppose other than having to re-draft my documents and pay the county for copies I'd previously made at our office.

And how 'bout a $319 filing fee for a name change? I think the above was my first new case filing in a couple months and a new $25 fee increase came down the pipe March 1st. But how 'bout the equity of a $319 filing fee for a name change. All the county needs to do is open a file and then a judge sees me for 10 minutes in 2 months. And that's the same filing fee as the 5 year divorce with 50 court appearances and a 3 day trial.


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