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Thursday, May 22, 2008

That Bothers Me!

Well lets see here, there are golf driving ranges that charge more for hitting off grass than off mats; loud music played in public places; and, people who have more than one hand on the table while eating. Yep, those three things bother me!

But keeping it in lawyerland here, how 'bout judges that hold-up their courtrooms for 5-10 minutes per case by drafting court orders for pro se litigants. I had a morning over a 32 W. Randolph this week and the phenomena is prevalent over there. The issue is that there are many, many cases there (parentage court) where neither party is represented by counsel. But is it really the best use of your time (and the public's dollar/time) to be spending 5-10 minutes once every say 4 cases or so to be drafting a court order while a room of 25 other litigants waits?

There are always several lawyers in the room...how 'bout asking for a "friend of the court"? I'm there for ya.


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