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Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Possible, Do the Work Pre-Court...it Saves Everyone

Why do so many lawyers have this affinity for doing everything at the last minute? Even when it's not at all necessary and often hurtful.

Let me explain, earlier this week I had a status hearing on a domestic relations case. A temporary visitation schedule had run out and we hadn't quite come to a final case settlement. So, there wasn't much disagreement about setting out some additional, short-term visitation at this court date.

Why not spend a little time on the case 2-3 days before hand, negotiate an Agreed Order outside of court, and then at the court date no clients and likely only one attorney is needed. It saves time and money & you eliminate mistakes. I'm pretty darn detail-oriented but mistakes are inevitable and there chances are greatly increased when you're negotiating out in the courtroom hallway and then drafting fairly complex, multi-page orders by hand.

Looking ahead a few days on your calendar and then shooting over an e-mail or fax to your opposing counsel really is the better way to handle the above.


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